4 Common Plumbing Issues in High-Rise Structures, and How to Deal With It

Living in a high-rise building can be a dream for many people. One can enjoy the spectacular view of the cityscape, especially at night. More and more individuals opt to live in a high-rise building as it is nearer their place of work and a practical housing solution while they still cannot afford their own house and lot. 

On the downside, living in a high-rise building isn’t as glamorous as you think. For one, high-rises are prone to plumbing issues due to their height, unlike when you live in a traditional neighborhood home. These plumbing problems have to be fixed by a professional plumber near you. 

Common plumbing problems in high-rise buildings

Many cities worldwide are not complete without high-rise buildings, whether you live or work in them. The National Fire Protection Association defines high-rise buildings as being higher than 75 feet tall or about 7 floors. Here are common plumbing problems in high-rise buildings: 

Drainage clogs 

Clogged drains often happen, especially in commercial buildings. But clogs also occur in residential high-rise buildings, which could spell disaster if it affects other units. Using chemical de-clogging solutions could help but might lead to way worse plumbing problems.

If you need an effective clogging solution that won’t eat up your pipes, consider using a plumbing auger or snake to get rid of the clogs. If the problem worsens, it is better to call a professional plumber to help you with your plumbing issues. 

High/low water pressure 

Gravity plays a major role in supplying water in high-rise buildings. Water is pumped up to the facility from the primary water supply source to a reservoir on the roof. Then, it descends through the building pipes through gravity. Low water pressure can also be a problem and needs adjusting by a professional plumber. Too much water pressure could result from bursting pipes and other piping issues. 

Flooding and ceiling damage 

Flooding or clogged drains could cause ceiling and water damage to the other building floors. Using dishwashers and washing machines could also cause water damage due to the high water volume used by these appliances. Older plumbing systems are also prone to corrosion and leaks. So make sure to schedule an annual plumbing pipe inspection for any leaks or other piping damages. 

Poorly-maintained shut-off valves

Also known as safety valves, these are crucial in high-rise buildings’ plumbing design. However, not all the time, these valves are checked and maintained regularly, which could lead to slow drainage and low water pressure. They use plumbing technology such as sensors to detect water leaks and shut off the water in areas with leaks. 

High-rise plumbing designs are different from traditional homes. Nonetheless, building administrators should ensure their plumbing system is checked and maintained regularly. Call a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN, for major plumbing problems today!


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