4 Common Pressure Tank Problems and How to Deal with Them

Your water pressure tank is an integral part of your plumbing system. Its main purpose is to carry the major workload from your well pump. The pressure tank contains pressurized supply of water that your household uses. Your water pressure tank lets your well pump function more efficiently and ensures its longevity. Of course, a professional plumber will help prolong your water pressure tank’s lifespan by fixing any damages, including other parts of your plumbing system. 

Common water pressure tank problems that you should address ASAP

You may not realize how important your water pressure tank is until it breaks down for good. Even new tanks can have issues from time to time. That is why you should regularly inspect your pressure tank. If you ignore signs of pressure tank problems, you might have to spend on a replacement not in your original plan. 

Are you suspecting a damaged pressure tank? First of all, don’t panic. There are several ways to decide whether it’s time to call in the experts or if you can do some tweaks on your own. As mentioned, you should understand how water pressure tanks work to determine any potential problems easily in case it happens. 

Here are common water pressure tank problems to take note of and how to fix them:

No water in the tank

Low water pressure in your tank could indicate a lot of things. If there is no water coming out of your faucet, while your neighbors seem to have no water problems at home, it might be because your pressure tank is empty. It could also be because of a stuck check valve or a leak in the tank. Regardless of the issue, it would help if a professional plumber fixed your pressure tank. 

Poor water quality

Your water pressure tank is most likely having problems if you notice a significant difference in the water’s taste and appearance from your faucet or shower when you see any of these unpleasant changes. Better to hire a skilled plumber to solve your water quality problems. 

Uneven water pressure

Sometimes, you might not hear any problems with your water tank system depending on the well pump model you are using. However, you might have uneven water pressure issues if you hear unusual sounds in your good pump, often caused by a defective pressure gauge. In this case, you should call a professional plumber to fix the issue. 

Waterlogged tank 

A well-functioning water pressure tank should separate compressed air and water. Your tank could be waterlogged if it is full of water. You can check if it’s causing a waterlogged tank by removing the air inlet valve cap at the top of the tank and then pushing the piston. Your tank is waterlogged if water rushes out instead of air. When this happens, you have to call a plumber ASAP. 

When you see one of these common water pressure tank problems, please don’t delay and have it fixed immediately. Contact your local plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN, today!


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