4 Common Toilet Issues and How You Can Fix Them By Yourself

Your toilet is more than a bathroom staple. It consists of two parts: the bowl where you sit on and do your “business”, and the tank that holds the water released when you flush. There are mostly no major repairs in the bowl part. It is usually the tank that most toilet repairs happen. 

When this happens, calling a professional plumber is the first thing people think of. However, you can solve common toilet issues without calling a plumber. But first, you need to understand how your toilet works. You also need to know what model and make of your toilet before you begin working on it. 

How does a toilet tank work? 

The water tank consists of two major parts: the fill valve and the flush valve. Also known as the refill valve or the ballcock, the fill valve is the part of the toilet that fills the tank with water.

Fill valves have different variations, but all of these works to automatically open the valve when you flush the toilet. Then, it automatically shuts off when water fills up the tank to a certain level. To satisfy your curiosity, you can remove the tank lid and see what happens inside when you flush the toilet. 

Common toilet problems and how to fix them 

A malfunctioning toilet can be annoying, so hiring a plumber is an immediate solution. However, you can solve common toilet issues without the help of a professional. Here are tips that can help solve common toilet problems. 

How to fix a loose flush handle 

You can fix a loose flush handle either by 1) adjusting the handle nut inside the tank and tightening it, or 2) reconnecting the lift chain/wire that links the lift arm from the flapper. 

How to fix a running toilet

Another common toilet issue is a running toilet. This happens when the flapper does not sit correctly in the flush valve opening. Another reason is when the tank’s water level is too high to the point of overflowing. Either way, you can fix this by adjusting the water level or replacing or adjusting the flapper valves as needed. 

How to replace a ballcock 

Older toilet models usually have refill valves called ballcocks. These are floating balls that help control the water every time you flush. Toilets with ballcocks still exist in many homes, offices, and other public establishments. If the toilet continues to run after flushing and the water levels become too high, try bending the float arm down so that the float ball shuts off the water and prevents it from overflowing. In case it doesn’t work, you might have to replace the ballcock instead. 

How to fix leaks on the toilet base 

When you see water seeping out the base of the toilet and on the floor, it’s time to fix the bowl. Otherwise, it can cause unpleasant smells due to molds and mildew. One solution is to replace the wax ring.

All of these abovementioned problems have corresponding solutions. You can find lots of toilet repair tips online. But for more complicated and major toilet repairs, feel free to hire a professional plumbing service in Franklin TN. 


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