4 Tips to Conserve Water in Your Swimming Pool

The backyard pool is a great place to enjoy the summer heat. However, it can be hard to maintain the water at a comfortable temperature. It also requires a lot of energy and water to keep your pool clean and sanitized. You also have to find a reliable plumber if you notice problems affecting your backyard pool, or you will end up wasting pool water and having higher water bills. 

Homeowners find ways to conserve water. Unfortunately, you cannot always guarantee water conservation and lowered water bills if you have a backyard pool. Still, some ways can help you conserve water and enjoy the luxury of having your own pool – like having a holiday all year round. 

Tips to conserve water in your swimming pool 

To help you conserve water in your pool and save money from exorbitant water bills, we have compiled some simple tips for you:

Cover the pool when not in use. 

You can buy a pool cover for this purpose. It can prevent up to 95 percent of evaporation, so you don’t have to refill the pool now and then. Covering and uncovering the swimming pool for every use will only take a few seconds. You will see significant changes in your water bill. Covering your swimming pool will also prevent algae formation and growth that could harm your health when ingested and keep debris away from your pool water. Not to mention it’s icky to swim in an algae-infested pool, right?

Stay chill in the pool. 

Swimming should be a fun experience. No wonder kids and the kids-at-heart love doing cannonballs and slides and splashing water all over the place. However, you can just imagine all the water wasted while all of you are having fun in the pool. This could be tricky, but you could try encouraging swimmers to take it easy so you won’t waste precious water and keep it inside the pool as much as possible. Better yet, avoid overfilling the pool and make sure to leave some extra space between the water level and the edge of the pool wall. This will lessen water splashes when having your usual pool activities. 

Avoid backwashing as much as possible. 

You should ensure to keep your pool clean for health and safety purposes. However, backwashing the pool filters could also use water. In this case, it is a good idea to backwash only once or twice a season. Too much backwashing could also affect your filter’s function and performance. 

Don’t use the heater too much. 

It can be relaxing to swim in a heated pool. However, it also means spending extra on your electric bills. High water temperatures can also cause faster water evaporation. 

Check your pool for any leaks. 

Pool leaks could be tricky to find. You will only realize there’s a leak if the water level in the pool keeps dropping. If you cannot find exactly where the leak is but suspect there’s one, contact a trusted plumbing service in Columbia, TN, today!


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