4 Ways NOT to Clean Your Toilet and How to Do it Right

Toilet cleaning is one of the most hated household chores ever. The unfortunate household member will most likely find ways to take a shortcut regarding toilet cleaning. Because who wants to deal with scrubbing the toilet and all, right? However, it does not have to be a dreaded task if you know what to do and what not to do.

We’re all for working smarter. But we also want to ensure that you clean the toilet properly without causing unnecessary damage. The last thing you want to do is call a plumber for unexpected pipe or drain damage. However, pipe and drain issues are common but should be addressed ASAP. 

Common toilet-cleaning myths

Cleaning your toilet is not as simple as using a brush and commercial cleaners. Sometimes, your toilet cleaning routines could even do more harm to your toilet bowl than good. Here are common toilet-cleaning habits you should stop doing now: 

You use a toilet brush to clean the toilet. 

While it can effectively clean your toilet, it can also scratch its surface. Did you know that using a toilet brush can also harm health? Not only is it full of disease-causing bacteria, but also unsanitary. Instead of using a toilet brush, experts suggest putting on a thick pair of rubber gloves to clean your toilet by hand. It might sound disgusting initially, but it is more effective and hygienic than using a toilet brush. You can also use toilet paper to scrape off small bits from your toilet bowl. There are also toilet wands with disposable tips available if you are uncomfortable cleaning the toilet with rubber gloves. 

You use soda to clean your toilet. 

Several articles suggest using carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola in cleaning your toilet bowl. However, it is not always recommended. While it could effectively remove rust stains, it could also make your toilet bowl sticky. On the one hand, you can go ahead and use it but make sure to rinse it with water afterward. Or you can also use mild commercial toilet cleaning products available on the market. Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals as they can damage the porcelain and leave a foul smell in your bathroom. 

You clean your toilet too much. 

It’s too tempting to scrub your toilet with hard water until it becomes squeaky clean. But doing this can only damage the surface. Pouring a cleaning solution in your toilet bowl and then scrubbing it (gently but thoroughly) around with a toilet wand is enough to sanitize and prevent buildup in your toilet. 

You use that blue toilet tank tablet. 

Just when you think that that blue toilet tank tablet will clean your beloved “throne,” it could harm it. It contains corrosive ingredients that could damage your toilet in the long run. Your toilet gets dirty faster than you think, so clean it properly. For your toilet problems such as clogging, make sure to have it fixed by a trusted plumbing service in Columbia, TN, immediately. 


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