5 Common AC Problems That Should Be Addressed ASAP

Air conditioners are one of the most common household appliances used in homes and offices worldwide. They also filter out contaminants from the air and keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

But like any other appliances, they also require regular maintenance to work properly. Having your AC parts checked is important, especially by skilled personnel. No one wants to deal with a broken AC in the middle of a hot summer season. 

Common AC issues you should address ASAP

If you notice that your AC is not working well, as usual, don’t ignore the signs and fix them immediately. You don’t need to be an AC or HVAC pro to know when it’s time to call a professional to fix your AC system. While you can identify some signs on your own, others have to be done and repaired by professional pipe and drain guys. Here are common AC issues you have to watch out for: 

Does not start

One of the most common and obvious signs of a broken AC is that it doesn’t even turn on when you press the power button. Either it started briefly then stalled or didn’t start at all. Regardless, it should not be that way. 

It could be because your thermostat is not set to a low temperature. Or it might need new batteries or issues with the coils and internal parts. If you cannot pinpoint the exact cause, it’s time to call a professional to help you diagnose and solve the issue. 

Unusual sounds 

If your AC makes weird noises louder than the usual hum, there is something wrong with your cooler. Please don’t ignore it because it could be due to a refrigerant leak, motor or blower issue, loose parts, etc. 

Foul smell 

Aside from unusual sounds from your AC, unpleasant odors from it are also not normal. If you notice a musty smell, it could be because of mold or mildew buildup due to improper drainage. You wouldn’t want the foul odor to linger in your home and even cause health issues to your family. 

Cold air is not coming out. 

Your AC has a problem if it does not produce cold air (why you purchased an AC in the first place). Unless you turn the fan mode on, you have no problem. But if it’s at maximum temperature but still no cold air coming out, there might be something wrong with the filters or thermostat. 


Keep your eyes on your AC for any signs of issues such as leaks. It’s usually easy to spot in places where it shouldn’t be. But sometimes, refrigerant leaks could happen within the AC unit, which is hard to spot. Condensation is normal outside the AC unit but should not be too much or have colored stains around the area. 

These common AC problems are due to a lack of care and maintenance. Make sure to take care of your unit so you can use your AC for many years. Contact a plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, for your AC, pipe, and drain repair needs. 


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