5 Common Causes of Leaky Ceilings and Why It Happens

Seeing leaks in your home can be annoying and stressful. For any signs of leaks, no matter where they are, call a plumber immediately and get it fixed. One of the most common leaks at home is ceiling leaks. It is a common plumbing issue that results in peeling or blistered paint, ceiling discoloration, and constant water drips. Do not delay when you notice these signs on your ceiling, and have it fixed by a professional ASAP. 

Common causes of ceiling leaks 

Any leaks, including ceiling leaks, should be addressed and fixed the moment you see them. Do you notice stains on your ceiling? It’s easy to think that roof leaks cause ceiling leaks. However, it’s not always the case. Here are common reasons why ceiling leaks happen: 


When your house is not properly insulated, vented, or has a home humidifier with a high setting. As a result, condensation causes moisture, especially in the attic or ceiling area. If you have an in-house humidifier, set it below 30 percent. 

Leaking or dripping water pipes 

If pipes are in your attic, they could be prone to leaking and condensation and lead to drips. It is a common issue that is often misdiagnosed as a roof leak. 

Roof leak 

Speaking of which, roof leaks can also cause ceiling leaks. It could get worse after heavy rain. The best time to check your roof is during the summer season. Inspect the roof for signs of damage or missing slates or siding. Check if the attic insulation is working and sufficient. 

Clogged gutters and downspouts 

Clogs in downspouts and gutters are common, especially during rainy and winter. Your downspouts and gutters could get clogged with outdoor dirt and debris. That is why you should ensure that your pipes have no clogs and debris. 

Toilet or sink leak 

It could come from the water supply tank. However, it is said that the most dangerous water leaks are because of a worn-out wax ring. When you flush, water seeps through the ring and causes moisture in the drywall, causing wet spots and water damage to your ceiling area.

You will know there’s a leak in your sink if water is pooling on your floor. It could cause damage and mold to your cabinet. Water leaks from your sink might be because of a damaged supply hose, caulk, or loose P-trap connectors. 

As mentioned above, whatever is causing the ceiling leaks, make sure not to delay and have it fixed immediately. Contact a trusted plumbing service in Columbia, TN, today and ensure that your plumbing system is in excellent condition. 


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