5 No-Sweat Ways to Stop Condensation on Toilet Tank

It won’t be a long time before we enter the summer season, enjoy the sweet summer sun, and all those summer activities a lot of people look forward to. Unfortunately, this is also the time where a lot of homeowners have to deal with “sweaty” toilets. For one thing, it is not something you should ignore as it can cause damage to your flooring and walls. 

In any case, you need to hire a professional plumber to help you deal with a sweaty toilet. A sweaty toilet, also known as toilet condensation, happens during hot and humid weather. When the moist air due to the hot weather hits the cold toilet surface, it results in air condensation and then turns into moisture that drips on the floor. 

How to stop toilet sweating

Some toilet manufacturers claim they have the solution for sweaty toilets. Unfortunately, most of these so-called solutions work. Still, there are ways to get rid of the toilet sweating for good. These tips won’t cause you a lot of money and can be of help for even the inexperienced. 

Install a drip tray. 

We often put a coaster under your drinks to prevent leaving a ring mark on your glass table. The same also applies when you have a sweaty toilet. In this case, you can put a drip tray under your toilet tank. It could make your bathroom unattractive, and the need to empty and clean the tray regularly. But this one can be a quick fix and give you more time to come up with a better and more long-term solution. 

Insulate the toilet tank. 

Prevent the toilet tank from moisture by insulating it. Some home and hardware stores sell DIY kits at an affordable price. However, be prepared to take some time emptying the tank, cutting the foam to fit, and gluing them inside the tank. 

Check the toilet flapper. 

Trickling water makes your tank colder and adds to water wastage and your water bill. This could be because of your malfunctioning flapper. To check whether the flapper is the culprit, put a few drops of food coloring into the tank then wait for a few minutes or so. If you see any color seeping into the bowl, it’s time to replace the flapper and valve. It should not cost you a lot to do that. 

Install a mixing valve. 

Another option is by installing a mixing valve also known as an anti-sweat valve. It works by introducing warm water to the cold water inside the tank. Installing a mixing valve works best on a basement toilet where pipes are more accessible and you don’t have to tear up the ceiling or walls. You can also consult a trusted plumber if you need to do this in a different toilet in the house. 

Install a new toilet. 

Retrofitting an old toilet could take a lot of your time and money. Or why not install a new toilet that is economical with every flush? These types of toilets use less water, hence reducing the risk of sweating. You can install the toilet by yourself or hire a professional plumber in Franklin TN to do it for you. 


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