5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Bidet in Your Bathroom

Remember the toilet paper shortage in several parts of the world? Imagine the chaos when toilet paper became scarce, or even non-existent, for several days during the peak of the pandemic. If you live in these countries that heavily rely on toilet paper, you will understand why. For one thing, toilet paper is an important part of their… well, toilet routines. 

Unfortunately, using toilet paper to wipe down there may not guarantee a good wipe. Perhaps it is time to forgo toilet paper to ensure better cleaning after pooping and opt for a bidet instead. Unfortunately, a bidet may still seem to be foreign in many Western countries such as the US. Installing a bidet may require some help from a professional plumber, but you won’t regret having this bathroom fixture. 

Why you should use a bidet 

For many countries around the world, the bidet is one of the most important inventions of humankind. It is a common fixture in many bathrooms but not as popular in the US. Those unfamiliar with a bidet may find this fixture funny, resembling a handheld shower but for toilet purposes. 

Pronounced as bee-day, a bidet seems like a fancy, sophisticated French thing. While it could be true, the bidet is not as complicated to use as one would think. Some bidets are like small handheld showers that you use after using the toilet. Others look like a shallow sink that sprays water “down there” after doing your dirty business in the bathroom. 

Nonetheless, many people swear by using bidets and change their bathroom habits for the better. You won’t need tissue paper, and ensure that they are cleaned down way better than when using tissue. Here are important reasons why you should use a bidet. 

Offers better cleaning 

Those who use toilet paper know this all too well. While it is common to use it to clean yourself, it may not leave you clean. It may even leave sticky (and even itchy) residue on your skin. Meanwhile, using a bidet sprays water, removes the residue from your skin, and makes you feel refreshed and clean. 


Americans use an average of 57 sheets of toilet paper every day and over 3 million tons of toilet paper every year in the US alone. The more we use toilet paper (or any paper product for that matter), the more trees need to be cut down. Using a bidet in your bathroom will lessen toilet paper consumption and cut-down trees. 

Save money and reduce waste. 

While you can still use toilet paper to dry off, using a bidet will help you save money and reduce waste. More savings means more money for more important things in your home. 

More comfortable and better for the skin 

As mentioned, toilet paper is not enough to clean down there. It could even irritate your skin in the long run, and other problems such as an anal fissure or hemorrhoids can make matters even worse. This is where a bidet will make cleaning a lot easier. 

Lessen plumbing issues 

Throwing used toilet paper in the toilet can cause clogging and plumbing problems. You won’t have to worry about that when you use a bidet. It will also lessen your plumbing problems and prevent clogs in your toilet and pipes. For now, contact a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, for your drain and pipe issues that need to be addressed. 


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