5 Signs You Have High Water Pressure at Home

More often than not, most people would focus on the water temperature every time they shower instead of the pressure. Although, most people also prefer strong water pressure while showering, which is probably why they rarely take note of the water pressure. Unless they experience little to no amount of water coming out of the shower. 

It is said that most fixtures can only handle up to 80 psi. Higher than that, it could lead to failures and other worst-case scenarios. No matter what is causing issues with water pressure in your home, make sure to call a professional plumber to help you fix it. 

What causes high water pressure? 

Your water heater expanding causes high water pressure. However, other factors can also lead to high water pressure. These include: 

  • Malfunctioning of PRV (which will be mentioned what is for, later on)
  • Water pressure is usually high for city dwellers because it is needed to supply water for taller structures and fire hydrants. 
  • Those living at the foot of the hills usually experience high water pressure as water flows downhill naturally. 

What are signs of high water pressure? 

When there is high water pressure, it could be because your water heater is expanding due to heat. If you notice one or more of the following signs, don’t delay and contact a professional plumber ASAP: 

  • Running toilet
  • Leaky faucet 
  • Banging pipes 
  • Spitting from the aerator when you turn on a faucet 
  • The washing machine or dishwasher suddenly breaks down

How to fix high water pressure 

You have to use a water pressure test gauge to test the water pressure in your home. Attach the gauge to an exterior faucet on your water heater. If it reads under 60 psi, leave it there for a few days. Check whether the pressure increases after a few days or so. 

If it exceeds 80 psi, you should add a water pressure regulator to your waterline, also known as the pressure regulating valve (PRV). You might have to replace it as well. As the name suggests, this tool has been a staple in all homes since the early 2000s. 

Plumbing experts also recommend checking your water pressure twice a year. It ensures there are no issues with your water pressure and prevent disastrous outcomes later on. As mentioned, you should have a PRV at home to check your water pressure as needed. 

While high water pressure feels nice on the skin, it could damage your plumbing system. High water pressure can burst or crack pipes, which is the last thing you want to happen to your plumbing system at home. 

Hiring a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, may be necessary in these cases. They could help you with complex plumbing problems. 


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