6 Home Accessibility Upgrades That Will Make Life Easier

Home accessibility is important, especially if you have a senior. Everyone should feel safe in their own home. But it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style over functionality. Calling a professional plumber is also a must for your plumbing needs, among other things, to ensure your home’s safety and functionality at all times. 

Home Accessibility Upgrades and Why You Should Consider Them

Homes should preferably have a universal design that caters to all ages and physical abilities. Some known examples of versatile designs include wider doors and hallways and bathroom grab handles, among a few. By designing your home this way, it will accommodate all kinds of people, including those who are mobility-challenged. 

Take note of these common home upgrades that both have function and style and are a must for those who have seniors and people with disabilities living with you:


People use the bathroom daily, and an important part of the house. Home accessibility upgrades can help seniors, and people with disabilities preserve their independence. Some common bathroom upgrades include: 

  • Curbless showers – reduces falling risks, give the bathroom a welcoming feel 
  • Tall or short toilets – depends on the individual’s height needs, can also be customized 
  • Bidet installation – lets them clean themselves easier, comes in different styles that can fit any bathroom designs 
  • Transfer benches – make it easier for people with mobility issues to navigate themselves out of the bath area 


The kitchen is also an important part of the house and can be customized and upgraded according to the users’ needs. Some popular home upgrades include: 

  • Touch-activated faucets – aesthetic and practical, great for those with grip problems 
  • Cabinets with pull-out drawers – sleek and also functional, easier to reach and access 
  • Increased lighting – improves visibility in the kitchen area 


It would be best if you had these upgrades to ensure your elderly parents or family member with mobility issues can still do things on their own: 

  • Sliding doors – examples are glass doors and barn doors which are easier to open and grip 
  • Offset hinges – allows doors to open wider without changing the door frame 
  • Repair cracks in outdoor pathways – prevent falls and create a cleaner pathway


Some are sensitive to light, so you should also be aware of your home lighting system. Good lighting can lessen the risk of falls and lighten up the outdoor space even during nighttime. Incandescent lights are a better choice for those with migraines. 


Carpeted flooring can be more challenging to maneuver for those with mobility issues. Home improvement experts recommend vinyl or hardwood flooring for a smoother and easier movement. Putting adhesive floor stickers on the underside of the rugs can lessen the risk of falls and trips while adding aesthetic appeal to your home. 

Smart home 

Smart home tech does a lot for more accessibility and functionality. Touch-activated appliances such as sinks can get up your home improvement game. Some appliances and fixtures can function through voice commands. Wood-grain swatches for Google Home can suit rustic-themed homes. 

You don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics over functionality and accessibility. You can find fixtures and appliances that will ensure safety and encourage independence among seniors and people with disabilities. But for complicated home repairs, you can hire a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN, for your plumbing needs.


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