6 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovations can take a lot of your time and money but are rewarding. Common home renovations happen in the kitchen and bathroom. Speaking of bathrooms, we all know how important it is to have a well-functioning aesthetic. Calling a professional plumber is a good solution for your plumbing problems. 

Meanwhile, a bathroom renovation takes a lot of planning and preparation. Several decisions will be made along the way – what tiles, sink, and mirrors to buy and how to ensure that the plumbing system won’t incur damage while the renovation is ongoing. These are only some of the most important factors to consider in a bathroom renovation. 

What to consider in a bathroom renovation 

Aside from the budget and schedule, other important things you should think about before starting a bathroom renovation project are the following: 

Bathroom renovations could be more expensive than you think. 

If you think bathroom renovations are expensive, that is true, unfortunately. You could spend at least $1,500 for a basic renovation using less costly materials. A high-end renovation could cost you as much as $20,000 and more. Most of the expenses will come from plumbing and fixtures, labor, counters and surfaces, and cabinetry and hardware. 

Think harder before buying a new bathtub. 

It could be tempting to buy a new bathtub for your bathroom. You’re renovating, after all. Well, think carefully first before buying one. In this case, consider practicality before aesthetics. If you like taking showers more than long baths, you might consider replacing your old shower instead. 

Plan for your lighting. 

Installing bathroom lighting also needs good planning. Bathrooms are usually dark and smaller than the other rooms in the house, making lighting complicated. Home improvement experts suggest using a single diffuse light in the bathroom ceiling. If your bathroom is already bright, you can add a pair of wall sconces for maximum effect. If you spend a lot of time applying makeup, consider installing vertical fluorescent light on either side of the mirror. 

Make sure to install accessible outlets. 

If you have a hairdryer or electric toothbrush in the bathroom, you should have an accessible outlet near the medicine cabinet or the vanity counter. Ensure the outlet is placed in an area that doesn’t touch the water. 

Choose the right kind of tiles. 

The right bathroom tile should be long-wearing, hardy, and timeless. Popular bathroom tile materials include glass, natural stone, cement, and porcelain. Don’t forget to include tile grout in your budget. It seals out water and dirt and makes up the integrity of the tile installation. 

Ask yourself if you need to remodel in the first place. 

Is a complete bathroom remodeling even needed? Perhaps if the bathroom has outdated tiles and fixtures or if you have extra space to expand it. Otherwise, you might want to do minor fixes instead, like tile refinishing or replacing small fixtures. But for major plumbing problems, there should be no questions asked. Contact a professional plumber in Franklin, TN today!


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