A Guide on Choosing the Right Plumbing Pipe

No commercial or residential properties are complete without a working plumbing system. If you’re having leaks or broken pipes, don’t delay – call a professional plumber immediately to fix the issue! It won’t also hurt to know the different types of plumbing pipes suitable for commercial or residential use. Here are some facts you need to know about the different types of plumbing pipes present in homes and commercial buildings. 

What is PEX piping used for? 

PEX piping is a flexible type of plastic piping commonly used in both commercial and residential structures. On the one hand, it requires minimal maintenance and ensures faster installation. This makes PEX piping the best pipe option for water distribution inside an establishment. 

On the downside, PEX piping should not be used outdoors as UV rays can cause damage to its plastic layer. It could also be a slightly expensive initial cost, unlike other pipes. Double-check with your local community first before buying and installing this kind of piping. 

Is a stainless steel water pipe the best choice? 

Stainless steel is also a popular type of water pipe. It looks elegant and could be expensive, too. It also comes in different lengths and sizes and is also different from galvanized pipes. On the downside, these types of water pipes can be prone to corrosion and are not recommended if you live in a coastal area. 

Is PVC the best pipe choice? 

PVC pipes are commonly used in sewage and for potable water. Depending on the application, PVC pipes vary in configuration and thickness. That means sewer pipes have different configurations and thicknesses from pressure water pipes and storm drainage systems. Meanwhile, PVC pipes meant for drinking water (CPVC) should comply with health standards as set by the NSF/ANSI Standard 6. 

When should galvanized pipes be used? 

Galvanized pipes were popular back then and used in most residential properties’ plumbing systems. This type of pipe can also be used to transport non-potable water. However, rust forms and builds up over time that is causing damage to the pipe and affecting the pipe system overall. No wonder galvanized pipes are less used nowadays. 

Are brass pipes a good choice? 

For starters, brass plumbing pipes are rust-proof as long as it is made of 67 to 85 percent copper. The higher the copper percentage, the more long-lasting it will be and won’t cause friction losses within the plumbing pipe. Brass pipes last longer than other pipe materials and are also great for hot water, wells, and water tank systems. 

To summarize, here are some of the most common types of plumbing pipes and their purpose: 

  • PEX – for residential and small business establishments 
  • Brass – for wells, water tanks, and large water distribution systems 
  • Galvanized – for grey/non-potable water 
  • PVC – for hot and cold potable water, sewer and drainage systems 
  • Copper – for hot and cold water 

A house or a business establishment is not complete without working plumbing systems. When it comes to drainage and plumbing repairs, hire only professional plumbers in Franklin TN


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