Are Tree Roots Causing Plumbing Issues? 5 Signs of Tree Root Damage to Watch Out For

Nothing more makes you feel closer to nature than having beautiful and lush trees at home. Unfortunately, having trees in your backyard could compromise your home’s plumbing system. Your tree roots can reach far and wide in search of moisture and break your plumbing system at home. 

That is why you should know whether your tree roots are causing damage to your home’s plumbing system. Hiring a professional plumber can also help solve your plumbing issues and prevent these from happening again. You should know about the tell-tale signs of tree roots damaging your piping system. 

Signs of tree root damage to your pipes 

Some trees grow over time, and so are their roots. However, it could also lead to pipe damage. If you are not sure if it’s the tree roots that are causing damage to your plumbing system, here’s what you should watch out for: 

Sudden low water pressure 

Tree roots can impact your plumbing system as they could obstruct water flow into your home. If you experience an unusual or sudden drop in water pressure, it could be due to tree root damage. 

The presence of green patches on your lawn or tree is growing unusually fast.

Even if you are not a green thumb, you could easily notice if your trees are looking unusually greener. Or the grass in your backyard or lawn area has also become lusher than usual. It could also be due to tree roots damaging your pipe system. On the one hand, the additional water source has done wonders for your trees and lawn. Then again, tree roots could damage your plumbing. That is why you should still have it fixed ASAP. 

Presence of sinkholes in your yard 

Tree roots can damage your pipes and create soft spots and sinkholes in your backyard or lawn area. Too much tree root growth can break and crack your pipes and leak water into the soil. It then causes soil to get saturated and eventually form a sinkhole. If you notice a sinkhole that is not there before, better to contact a professional and have your sewer lines checked immediately. 

Unexplained water bill increase 

If you noticed that your water bill has gone up way high these past few months, you better check if it is due to tree root-damaged pipes. You won’t like paying for wasted water with your hard-earned cash. 

Your drain empties slowly. 

Tree roots may seem harmless at first… until it does damage to your drains and pipes. If you notice that your shower or bath drains slower than usual, you might have problems with tree roots. You might also have to check other signs of plumbing damage, such as gurgling noises and bad odor coming from your drain. 

If you think you have tree root issues causing plumbing problems in your home, you should immediately contact a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN.


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