3 Bad Shower Habits That Slowly Damage Your Plumbing System – And What to Do Instead

A bathroom is an important part of the house, and we should take care of it as much as possible. It is not only a place for taking a bath or shower but also a room where we can spend some time alone.

It is important to keep the bathroom clean and tidy all the time. We should never forget to clean the shower or bathtub after use and also clean up any spills immediately. If you have pets at home, it is best to buy a mat to protect your floor from any dirt or hair they may leave behind.

Unfortunately, the bathroom is often taken for granted. It is a space in the home or workplace that is not often used for anything other than its intended purpose. But it can be so much more. Unless plumbing issues arise, that’s the only time homeowners put effort into taking care of their bathrooms. 

Common bathroom habits that can damage your plumbing system 

Although plumbing problems can happen in the least unexpected moments, such moments are a long time waiting. Plumbing issues are often the result of long-standing problems due to bad bathroom habits. 

Here are things you should stop doing to prevent further issues with your bathroom drains and pipes in the future: 

Don’t hang anything on your showerhead. 

Most people often make a mistake, although they do not realize it, of having loofahs and shower caddies from the showerhead. It could do damage to your showerhead in the long run. 

The connection between the pipe inside the wall and the showerhead can break your showerhead, leading to large repair bills. This says that showerheads are not meant to support especially heavy weight. To prevent this from happening, keeping your loofahs and other accessories elsewhere in your bathroom is better. 

Remove loose hair from the drain. 

Some hair strands come loose as we shower and often get caught in the drain. Eventually, it will clog up your drain and cause floods and the formation of mold and mildew. 

Don’t let loose hair strands clog your drains. Instead, you can use a drain guard in your shower. These are cheap and available in most hardware stores, which are great for catching hair and other debris while you’re showering. 

Don’t use too much body oil. 

We all know we should not pour cooking oil down the kitchen sink or even flush it down the toilet as it can cause clogs on your drain and pipes. The same applies when you use body oil in the shower. 

Using it often in the shower can cause issues on your drains because oils tend to solidify in cold temperatures, leading to clogs. You can still use body oils but try not to overdo them or apply them after a bath. 

These are some important reminders to prevent clogs and other plumbing problems in the bathroom. But if the inevitable happens, best if you call a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, immediately!


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