What You Need to Know About Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems

Fire sprinklers are a system of pipes and valves that release water when a fire is detected. The water cools the fire and prevents it from spreading. Investing in a residential fire sprinkler system can be one of the best decisions you will make as added protection for your home and family.

The use of fire sprinkler systems in buildings is now mandatory in many countries. The systems are designed to activate automatically when heat activates the fire alarm, or when a person opens the door to an area where a fire has broken out. Ensure to have it is installed professionally by experienced water systems personnel

How Does a Fire Sprinkler System Work?

The National Fire Protection Association reports that between 2015 and 2019, fires caused at least $7 billion in property damages and more than 2,600 casualties in the US alone. Even if you have smoke alarms or CO detectors installed, it won’t guarantee that your home will be exempted from fires. 

While smoke alarms and CO detectors can help detect fire disasters, adding a residential fire sprinkler system will ensure better safety for your household and your property. 

There are different types of residential fire sprinklers, which are: 

  • Pendant sprinklers – stick out from the ceiling and are easily noticeable
  • Concealed sprinklers – ideal for those who don’t want to disrupt their home aesthetic, they are recessed and covered with a plate
  • Sidewall sprinklers – look like pendant sprinklers except they are placed on walls instead of ceilings 

A typical residential fire sprinkler system includes at least one sprinkler head in each room, directly connected to your plumbing system. Sometimes, fire sprinkler systems have dedicated pipes. It only activates when it detects high heat levels. 

A fire sprinkler bulb contains glycerin which controls activation. Once the glycerin gets hot, it causes the bulb to break, and the pipes release water which is enough to put out the fire without causing too much water damage. 

Regardless of the code requirements, fire safety experts strongly recommend installing fire sprinkler systems at home to ensure your family and property’s protection in case the unthinkable happens. 

Benefits of a Residential Fire Sprinkler System 

Aside from the obvious protection fire sprinkler systems provide, other reasons why homeowners should invest in a fire sprinkler system are the following: 

  • Keeps the household (including pets) safe from the physical and emotional damage of losing your property and your loved ones 
  • Prevents the environmental impact of a house fire and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 98 percent 
  • Can attract potential home buyers in case you are planning to sell your home in the future 
  • Reduces homeowners insurance costs 
  • Saves your life and also the lives of firefighters

Installing a fire sprinkler system may be expensive, but will be useful in the long run. Ensure to test the system at least once a year and check whether the water flows properly and does not have leaks. Better yet, contact a trusted plumbing service in Spring Hill TN to help you install your home fire sprinkler system.


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