I Accidentally Flushed Something Down The Toilet. What Should I Do?

At least once in your life, you accidentally dropped something down the toilet. It could be a piece of jewelry, a small toy, or even your phone. It’s frustrating and disgusting, to say the least. The only consolation is you can still imagine how worse it could be if you accidentally flush something that should not be flushed in the first place!

Then again, it happens, and no one wants it to happen. Still, you need to do something to prevent clogs and other serious toilet problems if you don’t remove the item. It is best to call a professional plumbing service to help you at this point. 

How to retrieve something from the toilet 

Accidentally flushing an important item down the toilet is an unpleasant experience. But that doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. You can still retrieve the unfortunate object and learn from your mistake.

Here are ways you can still retrieve something that fell or accidentally flushed into the toilet: 

  • Get ready to be down and dirty. If you can still see the object at the toilet bowl base, it hasn’t completely flushed yet. In that case, congratulations! There is still hope! Start strapping your rubber gloves and scoop the object until you finally get it. 
  • If you are unfortunate enough that you cannot see the object anymore, try using a plunger to bring gentle pressure and bring the missing thing into view. 
  • If the plunger does not work, you can use a bent wire hanger, although it could be risky. Form a hook shape at the end, then leave the rest of the hanger straight. Then gently push down the wire hook and swivel it around while gently moving up and fingers crossed it gets the item. 
  • If you cannot retrieve the object, it is better to call a professional plumbing service. They would often use special tools suitable for your every plumbing issue. Another method they use is video inspection. 

What is a plumbing video inspection?

plumbing video inspection is a non-invasive and cost-efficient way of checking your plumbing system. Some instances a plumbing video inspection can help include: 

  • Locating and retrieving your lost items that are accidentally flushed down the toilet or drain 
  • Checking your plumbing system for any potential issues and solve them as early as possible 
  • Improving water flow before a home remodeling project 

Call a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, for your plumbing problems today!


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