Planning a Laundry Room Remodelling? Here are 5 Tips to Remember

Do you get excited every time you are about to do laundry? Or do you dread entering the laundry room and dealing with piles of dirty clothes? Perhaps it’s time for a laundry room remodeling project!

Doing the laundry can be overwhelming and even boring. If your laundry room is cluttered and unappealing, it could affect your overall laundry experience. A washing machine that breaks down during your laundry session can be annoying and stressful. When that happens, call a professional plumber to help you fix your defective washing machine. 

Laundry Room Renovation Tips

There are many things in mind regarding ensuring an overall pleasant laundry experience. Aside from your washing machine, it would help if you also considered the laundry room itself – from the location to the potential risk of flooding your laundry space.

Check out these laundry room remodeling tips that will make your laundry days extra and exciting: 

List down what you want to change in your current laundry room. 

Look around your laundry room and make a checklist of what you want to improve or change. Some common improvements or changes homeowners would wish to for their laundry area include: 

  • More space and accessibility 
  • Better lighting or ventilation 
  • Better or more spacious storage areas
  • Upgraded layout for cabinets and washing machines 

Identify the best location for your laundry area. 

Most laundry rooms are located in the basement, adjacent to the bathroom or the kitchen. It’s up to you where you will set up your laundry area, but each room has its pros and cons. 

For example, putting your laundry area in the basement can make your laundry sessions quiet and peaceful. However, a humid basement could affect your washing machines. That is why you should make your basement waterproof and has more ventilation. 

Meanwhile, putting a laundry room near the bathroom or kitchen will make the area easier to access while doing your other routines. Water, drainage, and electrical connection can be less expensive and extensive. Then again, you should also consider whether you have enough space near these areas to accommodate a laundry area. 

Plan your laundry room layout. 

The next step is determining your laundry room layout within your chosen area. An L-shaped design is suitable for large laundry areas. It will give you more space to sort and fold clothes. 

Get waterproof floors. 

Laundry rooms can be slippery most of the time due to obvious reasons. In that case, you should get waterproof floors that not only can save you from unwanted accidents but can also be stylish. For laundry rooms, sheet vinyl flooring is the best choice. 

Consider the lighting and ventilation. 

Poor ventilation can cause moisture buildup in your laundry area and form molds. To prevent mold formation, add large windows for better ventilation. 

Got plans for your laundry area now? Make sure to consider the plumbing system, too. Contact a plumbing professional in Spring Hill, TN, today!


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