Essential Tips to Avoid a Plumbing Fire

As a homeowner, one of the most crucial things to remember is not to start a fire on your property. Some homeowners get fire insurance, fire sprinklers, or fire extinguishers if the unthinkable happens. But when it comes to fires, the last thing in mind is it is because of your plumbing system. 

While your plumbing system is not a fire hazard, it can still happen, especially when plumbers make errors and other unexpected instances. There is such a thing as plumbing fire, but you can avoid that from happening. Here’s what you should know. 

How plumbing fires happen 

The National Fire Prevention Association reports that the torches used by plumbers to solder metal pipes are one of the major causes of residential fire every year. For instance, one home in Texas caught fire and sustained tens of thousands of damage due to a plumber’s soldering work. 

However, it doesn’t mean you should stay away from metal pipes. It’s a common pipe material that is meant to be durable and last for many years. It’s just that you have to rely on trusted plumbing professionals regarding soldering tasks. If you decide to take on the soldering job yourself, ensure safety precautions, so you don’t accidentally start a fire in your home. 

This includes using a steel plate or flame protector cloth so that any flammable material nearby won’t accidentally catch fire. Better yet, do not work or remove flammable materials nearby to prevent untoward accidents that could start a fire. As mentioned, investing in a fire sprinkler system or a fire extinguisher is a good idea in case something unexpected happens. 

Another way plumbing fires can happen is when your plumbing system has a hidden leak. Water might seep into an area with electric wiring that could generate sparks and cause fires. Keep your eye on discoloration near your plumbing area and unusually high water bills to confirm your suspicions. 

Using heat tape to insulate pipes during cold weather could also unintentionally start a fire. If not applied properly, it could overheat and create a fire incident. The Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that faulty heat tapes cause more than 1,500 fire incidents yearly. 

Some homeowners use a torch to thaw out their frozen pipes, which can cause accidental plumbing fires. In this case, avoid using open flames to warm up frozen pipes. Instead, you can use a hairdryer, a hot towel, or a heat lamp to thaw the iced plumbing system without accidentally starting a fire. 

Plumbing fires are the least thing homeowners think about as a major cause of accidental fires. But it does happen, and it could wreak havoc on your homes. Not only should you remember the abovementioned tips but also invest in fire safety tools and equipment to prevent unwanted fire incidents in the future. 

It is important to remember these if you are planning to do something involving soldering, which is one of the leading causes of plumbing fires. Better yet, hire a trusted licensed plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, to prevent future plumbing accidents such as fires. 


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