What is Rooter Service and How It Can Help Your Home and Your Plumbing System?

You might already heard about “rooter service” in relation to plumbing. However, not everyone actually knows what it means. For one, it involves professional plumbers who help you solve your plumbing issues. 

Rooter service involves the repair and maintenance of septic systems due to tree root damage, as well as debris buildup and corrosion. Here are things you need to know about rooter service and how to know when you need one.

What is Rooter Service? 

Tree root damages are common and should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, it could lead to damages that are beyond repair. 

Large trees can be beautiful natural fixtures in your residential property. But over time, it could cause extensive damage to the ground. Tree roots could invade your plumbing system and cause damage to it. As a result, it can lead to blockages and flooding. 

A rooter service is a special plumbing method meant to clear tree roots, as well as remove clogs, and clean drains and pipes. History tells us that a man named Samuel Blanc invented the first rooter service around the 1930s.

The original rooter machine design is no longer used today. However, this innovative machine led to the development of modern drain-cleaning tools and processes. This includes using a drain snake for unclogging drains and pipes and running pressured water to get rid of debris. 

A modern rooter machine uses a stiff but flexible cable attached to a reel and turned by an electric motor. It involves several processes to make the machine work and do its intended job—cut away tree roots and prevent further damage because of the root damage. 

When Should You Avail A Rooter Service? 

There are simple plumbing issues solved using simple tools. For example, you can easily solve clogs because of the buildup of debris like food scraps, soap scum, and hair using chemical cleaners, plungers, or auger snakes. However, there are also some that need professional intervention. 

These major plumbing problems could affect your water supply and your entire plumbing system. Such issues could lead to bigger problems, such as wastewater backups and flooding. Ignoring this problem could cause problems worse than you could imagine. 

So if you notice any plumbing problem that is beyond DIY repair, it is best to call a professional plumber in Spring Hill TN. A rooter service is a crucial part of property care and maintenance. Ensure to find a plumbing company with rooter service for more complicated repairs such as tree root damages.


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