What is a Service Water Line and When Should You Replace It?

Service Water Line

Plumbing problems are all too common in most homes. On the one hand, resorting to DIY plumbing repairs and replacements can be a cheaper solution… or so they think. Unfortunately, DIY solutions may not be as effective and even do more harm to your plumbing system than good. 

Hiring a professional plumber is also a good idea. While some homeowners think they’re expensive, at least you will know your plumbing system is in good hands. Also, some plumbing issues are better left at the hands of professionals – including water line replacement. 

What is service water line replacement? 

Like everyone (and everything else) around us, water lines will also age over time. Old water lines become too vulnerable to harsh elements such as water pressure, mineral buildup, tree root intrusions, etc. 

Damaged water lines can result in water discoloration and reduced water pressure, among a few. When this happens, it is better to call a professional plumber and schedule a service water line replacement. 

The water line is the pipe that channels clean water from the local water utility to your home. The main water line connects to your private water pipeline within your property. The service water line differs from your private sewer lateral, which channels waste water away from your home. 

If a water line is damaged or already old, it is best to schedule a service water line replacement. Plumbing companies nowadays offer trenchless water line replacements. It will solve your water line problems and leave your yard and your property without a mess. 

trenchless water line replacement is suitable for homes with: 


      • A need for a larger water line for your growing household 

      • Damaged pipes due to repeated freezing and thawing 

      • Broken or cracked pipes due to ground movements 

      • Installed tubes underneath your landscaping or house 

    If you experience one or more of these problems in your pipes, you should have your water lines replaced immediately. Otherwise, it could leak, contaminate your water supply, lead to mold formation, and waste precious water. 

    Service water line repair and replacement tips

    It is best to address any of the abovementioned signs as soon as possible to prevent further damage that could already be too expensive to repair. That is why you must do what you must to prevent it from getting worse. Here are tips on service water line repair and replacement: 


        1. Choose a full replacement if your home is more than 50 years old and the plumbing issue has persisted for some time. 

        1. Avoid DIY repairs as much as possible. Homeowners who attempt to do things on their own may end up spending more in the long run, which can be frustrating. 

        1. Opt for trenchless water line replacement. It allows damaged water main to be replaced without the digging and all that construction mess. More and more households are benefiting from this modern plumbing technology.

        1. Call a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, for your pipe and drain repair and replacement needs. 

          Service Water Line


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