Should You Replace Your Plumbing? Here’s What You Should Know First

Replace Your Plumbing

No matter how much we take care of ourselves and the things around this, the inevitable will still happen – nothing lasts forever. That includes your house pipes. Eventually, the pipes in your house will rust and decay. When that happens, you need to replace your plumbing immediately and hire a professional plumber to help you fix it. 

Should you replace your pipes? 

But the question is: When is the right time to replace pipes? Should you even replace it before it’s too late? Not to mention the cost of replacing old and worn-out pipes and the possibility of tearing down your floors, sink, or your walls which can affect your domestic life.

Having said that, you need to assess whether it’s indeed time to replace the pipes. Here are important things to check out so you know what to do next time.  

What is the type of plumbing you have? 

The plumbing you have at home will determine how long your pipes will last. You can ask for help from your friendly-neighborhood plumber to help you out. For example, supply pipes made from brass and galvanized steel can last up to 100 years. Meanwhile, drain lines made of PVC can last up to 40 years. 

But if you have lead or polybutylene pipes, these should be removed immediately. Lead pipes are commonly used in the 1900s that can be a potential health hazard if used for drinking water. On the other hand, polybutylene pipes that were commonly used from the 1970s up to the ’90s are prone to breakage. 

It also doesn’t mean that you have to replace if your pipes even if they lasted more than their expected lifespan. The more you take care of your plumbing system, the longer it would last. A poorly-maintained pipe, even though it is said to last for up to a century, may not last longer as expected. The latter may also be due to hard water flowing into the pipes. 

Check for possible signs of trouble

Other important considerations so you know it’s time to replace your pipes are the following. 


      • If your home is more than at least 50 years old, make sure to check all the pipes in every corner and every room. Check for any discoloration, flaking, or stains – all of which are tell-tale signs of corrosion. 

      • Keep an eye on any presence of leaks. Even the smallest ones can turn out for the worst if you leave them ignored. If you see one, it’s time to replace your pipes. 

      • When filling up your bathtub, check the color of the water. Yellowish or brownish water is usually a sign of rusty pipes. When you see this, replace your pipes immediately. 

    These tips should help you decide whether it’s time to replace your pipes. Leaky and rusty pipes can be a health hazard and even increase your water bill. If you don’t want these to happen, make sure to follow these tips so you can make the most out of your plumbing system. For any fixing and repairs needed by your pipes at home, contact a professional plumber in Franklin TN immediately. 
    Replace Your Plumbing


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