Simple Plumbing Quick Fixes for Beginners

Plumbing Quick Fixes

People often think they should immediately call a professional plumber when their pipes leak, the toilet does not flush properly, and other plumbing problems. While calling a plumbing expert is the logical solution for any plumbing issue, knowing basic plumbing quick fixes also won’t hurt. It will make a huge difference to prevent future plumbing disasters. 

Tips for quick plumbing fixes

These quick plumbing fixes are not complicated to learn as you think. You can start working on any plumbing issues instead of waiting for a plumber to arrive and solve your plumbing woes (assuming that your plumbing problem is not major). Not only can you save money but also save your home from a disastrous outcome. 

How to repair a leaky pipe 

One of the most common plumbing issues is a leaky pipe. Don’t wait for small or barely noticeable leaks to become bigger, flood your home, and waste precious water. Thankfully, there are home plumbing tools you can use to help you with quick plumbing fixes.

Start by turning off the water supply and measuring the pipe’s circumference. You might have to turn off your home’s entire water supply depending on the severity of the plumbing issue. Go to your nearest hardware store to get your plumbing tools and fix your leaks ASAP.

Use epoxy to seal a leaky iron pipe. For copper or PVC pipes, you can use a pipe clamp or wrap to seal the leak. This will help hold in the water until you get help replacing your leaky pipes. 

How to repair a damaged water heater 

Your water heater may have some accumulated sediments inside, which affects the heating element. As a result, the water heater does not heat efficiently and could even lead to a disastrous moment if you do not have it fixed immediately.

Turn off the heater first, then drain the tank for about 10 minutes using hot water. Shut off the cold water supply and use a hose to drain the valve. Then, reopen the cold water supply and make sure you do not close the drain valve or disconnect the hose. Wait until all sediments are removed and flushed out. 

For cracked toilet/bathtub/sinks 

Bathtubs sink, and toilets can break due to their fragile materials. Don’t delay when you see cracks on any of these bathroom fixtures, don’t delay – have it fixed immediately. Apply plumber’s putty to the inside of the leaks, making sure you squeeze it in as snugly as possible. Next, apply caulk to create a seal for the putty.

Plumbing problems should be fixed immediately to prevent catastrophic outcomes later on. Knowing basic plumbing can help solve simple problems without spending so much on it. 

These quick fixes are simple and do not usually need bulky plumber tools. However, these are only temporary fixes for your plumbing problems. Hiring a professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN, is still better for serious and complicated plumbing issues. 
Plumbing Quick Fixes


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