4 Sounds To Watch Out For in Your Furnace

Furnace repair is important, especially since the cold seasons are coming soon. Winter can be harsh in some areas, so preparing your pipe and HVAC systems in time for the cold season is a must. 

Aside from ensuring that you have winter clothes and preparing to shovel snow from your driveway, you must also prepare your home heating system. This includes paying attention to any odd noises coming from your furnace. 

Unfortunately, many homeowners won’t take notice of it until problems start to arise. You should understand what that sound means if you encounter these strange noises from your furnace. If you can’t tell what those noises mean, this article will help you identify those and find ways to fix them!

Common furnace repair signs 

The winter season is just around the corner. That is why you should prepare your home in time for the cold season, including your furnace. Hiring a professional HVAC and plumbing service is a good idea so that they can take care of your pipes, fixtures, and your heating system at home. 

As mentioned, your furnace might create noise which is not normal. Call a professional immediately if you hear any of these noises in your furnace. Here are common furnace noises homeowners should not ignore. 

Clicking sound 

A clicking sound could mean a problem with the thermocouple or the pilot flame. If the flame sensor does not detect the lit flame, the spark ignitor will only spark again and again until it gives up. Another possible reason is that the gas valve is not being energized. 

Rattling sound 

If there’s a rattling sound from your furnace, it means a certain part of it is getting loose. It is most likely because of that component banging against other parts. A rattling sound may also indicate a gas leak in your furnace system. It could risk your family if the gas leak is carbon monoxide. 

Booming sound 

A booming noise in your furnace system could indicate a delayed ignition problem that could damage your furnace if you do not have it fixed. When the gas does not ignite immediately, gas will build up in the furnace and cause a fire hazard. The gas will then build up, ignite, and could cause an explosion. 

Chirping sound 

No, it’s not because of a bird. It could simply be because the unit has not been used for a long time. It’s just the furnace is warming up from a long time of non-usage. But if the sound is persistent, you might want to call a professional HVAC service in Spring Hill, TN

If you see these signs, do not ignore them. Contact a professional to help you with your HVAC, pipe, and drain problems. It could be expensive initially, but at least you will be secure in their solutions. Make sure to contact the best service provider in your area. 


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