4 Tips You Should Do When There is a Leak on Your Water Heater

A water heater is a device that stores and heats water in domestic or commercial settings, such as an apartment building. Water heaters can be gas, electric, or oil-fired.

Regardless of the water heater type, they could leak at unexpected times. If it does happen, you can call a professional plumbing service to patch up your leaky pipes and clogged drains. 

This section aims to inform the reader about the dangers of leaking water heaters and what they should do if they have one. A leak on a water heater can be a major issue, as it will cause water to leak out of the tank and onto the floor. It is important to act quickly and fix the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.

What to do when there is a leak in your water heater

The good news is that most water heater leaks can be easily fixed. Still, it would be best if you did not ignore your leaky water heater because it could lead to something worst. Some of the main reasons why there are water heater leaks are the following: 


It could be because of sediment buildup and lead to cracks and holes that could waste precious water. In this case, you might have to replace your water heater. 

Broken drain valves

It could lead to water leaks from the tank bottom. When that happens, replace the broken drain valve and prevent water wastage. 

Broken temperature/pressure valves 

These valves help regulate pressure and temperature inside the heaters. It could lead to water leaks once they break. 

Loose water line connections 

Normal wear and tear can cause leaks to the water lines. You can tighten the water lines or replace them if it’s already loose or broken. 

Tips to fix a water heater leak 

A water heater leak should not be ignored, or it could lead to even bigger leaks. Here are the necessary steps you should do to fix a water heater leak: 

Turn off the power. 

First, you should cut the power off before fixing a leaking water heater. Follow the instructions on how to turn on or off whether you have a gas, electric, or any other types of water heater. 

Turn off the water supply. 

The next step is turning off the water supply. Find the cold water line that leads to the water heater, then turn the valve. 

Drain the water tank. 

If you use a traditional water heater, you should drain the water heater. The drain valve is usually near the bottom of the water tank, then attach a garden hose to it. Next, open the valve and let the water flow completely out of the tank. 

Call a professional plumber. 

It is better to call a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, for your water tank and other pipe and drain repair needs. It can be tempting to do the job yourself, but it could harm your water supply system more than good. So to ensure a job well done, better call a trusted plumbing professional instead. Contact one today!


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