What You Need to Know In Installing a Basement Bathroom

A house’s basement area is often synonymous with storage rooms and where creepy stuff happens. No wonder many people seem uncomfortable doing business or any task in the basement area. More often than not, basements do often end up as storage areas or are left to collect dust and cobwebs.

For home renovation junkies, it can be a great opportunity to transform a basement into a functional living space. It is possible to renovate the basement area and turn it into a fully-functional room, complete with a bathroom and working plumbing systems. Make sure to call a professional plumber to help with the plumbing installation process. 

Installing a basement bathroom: Pros and cons 

A basement bathroom installation process will take some steps and time to achieve. To prevent mishaps, it is better to call a professional plumber to help with these steps later on. They know how the process works and ensure that the plumbing task complies with safety and quality control standards. 

A basement bathroom installation project may not be DIY-friendly, not to mention expensive as well. However, taking on this home improvement project can help increase your home’s overall value and as much as 80 percent ROI. Bathrooms are important in every house and will add convenience if you add a bathroom in the basement area. 

In other words, among important benefits of a basement bathroom include: 

On the contrary, starting a basement bathroom project means additional materials and hiring professionals. Depending on how long and how extensive the project will be, it could also disrupt your domestic life for at least a few weeks. 

What to consider in a basement bathroom installation project 

Aside from the pros and cons, you should also consider the potential costs, ROI, and building permit requirements in a basement bathroom installation project. 


Every home improvement project means extra expense on your part. It depends on whether you decide to install a half-bath or a full-bath. Aside from the fixtures and other materials, you will also have to consider the plumbing, carpentry, and electrical costs. Expect to spend as much as tens of thousands of dollars for the basement bathroom. 


You can expect as much as 80 percent ROI for a bathroom installation compliant with local building codes and permits. In other words, adding a basement bathroom can increase your home’s overall value, especially when you decide to sell your property later on. 

Local requirements 

In every home building or improvement project, you must secure a building permit and other necessary documents. This is to ensure your family’s safety later on and to prevent the ongoing construction from getting shut down and ending up paying a fine. 

A basement bathroom installation process will take some time to finish. That is why it is better to let a professional handle the home improvement project. There will also be plumbing tasks involved. Contact an experienced plumber in Franklin, TN, for your plumbing needs. 


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