When Should You Have a Pipe Relining? Here’s What You Should Know

Your sink, toilet, and shower won’t work without the plumbing system. You cannot wash the dishes, take a nice bath, and do your morning toilet routine. That is why you should have your pipes and drains fixed by a professional plumber when you see any signs of leaks and other damages. 

Simple leaks should be easily fixed. But what if your pipes are malfunctioning and not doing what they are supposed to do? Should you have your pipes repaired, replaced, or relined? Speaking of relining, you should know some important things before you do this pipe solution option. 

What is pipe relining? 

Pipes have evolved for the past several decades. Modern pipes are now designed to last more than 100 years, from clay pipes to PVC. Still, even modern pipes are not exempted from cracks and the usual wear and tear. Like how you maintain your home or car, homeowners should also pay attention to their plumbing system through regular maintenance. 

One way to maintain your plumbing system is through pipe relining. It is a cost-effective way to fix pipes without having to replace them. It is also a more environmentally friendly solution to repair and maintain your plumbing system. 

Pipe relining can be done in two ways. They can use pipe relining equipment to inject resin into the pipe and then pressurize it with water or air. This causes the resin to form a new lining inside the pipe. Two, they can use a machine that cuts out the old lining and then inserts new lining material into the pipe.

Pipe replacement is not only the solution to maintain your pipe. It can be a dirty and tedious job because it needs excavation, and you have to tear down your yard. On the other hand, pipe relining is a quicker and more affordable plumbing remedy as long as the plumbing issues are not major. 

When should you have a new pipelining? 

The best time for you to have your pipes relined is when there are signs of corrosion or leaks in your pipes. Better if you find help from plumbing experts for your pipe and drain needs. Aside from corrosion and leaks, the signs that you need new pipelining are the following: 

  • Gurgling toilet sounds 
  • Weird yard smell 
  • Water backup 
  • Low water quality 
  • The appearance of bathtub sludge
  • A tree near your plumbing system could cause damage to your pipes with its roots

It is best to have your pipes relined if you see signs of leaks or corrosion in your pipes. Experts suggest relining your pipes between late spring and early fall when the soil is the softest. Trenchless plumbing technologies also have several benefits for residential, commercial, or industrial buildings. These amazing benefits include: 

  • Saves you time and money 
  • Adds aesthetic, protection, and well-being to your property 
  • No need for replacement, which can be costly 
  • Can last for years 
  • Environment-friendly 

Have your pipes relined today. Contact your professional plumber in Mt. Pleasant, TN, for your pipe and drain repair needs. 


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