4 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Furnace

You will have to replace a fixture in your home, including pipes, drains, or your HVAC system. It may not also come cheap, yet it should be done. Calling a professional HVAC or plumbing personnel is also necessary for professional repair and replacement purposes. 

A furnace usually lasts about 15 to 30 years before it breaks down eventually. When that happens, you need to replace it with a new one. If your furnace is more than 3 decades old, it could be at risk of breaking down at the most inconvenient times. It will cost you high utility bills and compromise your family’s safety. 

Signs of a broken furnace 

Knowing whether it’s time to replace your furnace can be tricky. A broken furnace can cause inconvenience to your household, especially during cold seasons when you need enough heating the most. These are the signs to watch out for when it’s time for a furnace replacement. 

Uneven temperature 

If some parts of the room feel warmer or colder, there’s something wrong with your thermostat. Specifically, there’s a problem with your ductwork or furnace. In this case, it is a good idea to check if you need to clean your ductwork or call a professional for serious repairs. 

Old age 

If your furnace is more than 30 years old, it’s time to replace it. Otherwise, it could compromise your home and your family’s safety. Check for any signs of rust, cracks, and damages, and replace the unit as soon as possible. 

Odd sounds 

The flames coming out of the furnace should be blue. But if there are yellow flames, your furnace may not be burning gas completely. Worse, it could indicate a gas leak. If you notice these signs, have them checked by a furnace expert immediately. 

Unusually high utility bills 

Old or broken furnaces won’t be as efficient as before and could reflect your utility bills. If you notice higher utility bills than usual, even if you are not using it all the time, it might be the furnace itself. 

Some homeowners may hold off buying a new furnace because of the cost. But whether you like it or not, it should be replaced at some point, especially if it’s more than 3 decades have passed. Other things to consider in a furnace replacement are the following: 

  • Fuel type 
  • System type (split and packaged systems)
  • Furnace size 
  • Energy efficiency

Don’t wait before your old or broken furnace breaks down and wreaks havoc on your home. Contact a professional HVAC service personnel in Spring Hill, TN, today!


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