4 Common Reasons Why Main Sewer Line Clogs Happen

clogged sewer line in home

The main sewer line is a crucial part of our plumbing system. The pipe carries waste from our homes to the sewer plant. However, the main sewer line can also get clogged for many reasons. If left untreated, it can cause serious problems in your home and may even lead to a sewage backup or overflow.

That is why it is important to take care of any clogs in your main sewer line as soon as possible. This will help avoid major plumbing problems and keep your home safe from sewage backups and overflows. Better if you call a professional plumber immediately if you notice any issues with your pipe and drain system. 

Why is there a clog in my main sewer line? 

All plumbing fixtures in your home are connected to the main sewer line. No wonder the main sewer line will also get affected when you use your pipe and drain fixtures. It will eventually lead to clogs that would need some serious repairing or even an expensive replacement. 

It’s something no one would want to happen. Unfortunately, most homeowners have already experienced having to deal with a clogged drain or broken pipe fixture at home. That is why it is important to know the common causes of a clogged sewer line and how to deal with them. 

Pipe damage 

Pipe damage that turns out to be too severe can lead to frequent backups. Broken or ruptured sewer pipes won’t let sewage drain properly through the system. Common reasons why sewer pipe damage happens are the following: 

  • Corrosion, especially on older pipes 
  • Sewer pipes rupturing due to shifting soil, increase ground traffic, or use of heavy construction equipment 
  • Leaking joints let water and sewage escape 

Sagging sewer line 

Such a thing happens beyond the homeowners’ control. It occurs when the swollen section of the pipe has sunk due to unfavorable soil conditions. It will then begin to accumulate waste and lead to blockages. 

Tree root infiltration

Your pipes may tend to get invaded by nearby tree roots, which is finding water sources to thrive. Unfortunately, its roots may latch to your sewer pipe, expand over time, and cause the pipes to break

Flushing anything down the toilet 

You don’t treat your toilet like a trash can – you use a trash bin for that. Throwing away wipes, food wrappers, oil and grease, and others that are not human waste can lead to serious drain problems. This will help keep your plumbing system’s overall functionality in check. 

Speaking of grease, never pour them down the drain as it can cause clogging to your pipes. Contrary to popular belief, running hot water won’t help dissolve grease down the drain. Instead, you can pour used oil into a jar or coffee can. Please wait until it solidifies before throwing them away. 

How to prevent main sewer line clogging 

Here are tips to prevent clogging your main sewer lines: 

  • Avoid using commercial drain cleaners as they might contain harsh chemicals that could worsen your pipes. 
  • Is your bathtub or toilet bubbling or gurgling? Try running water in the sink closest to the bathroom or tub. 
  • Call a professional plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, to help repair your damaged main sewer lines today!


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