Worms in Your Toilet? Here’s Why It Happens and What to Do About Them

Most people are not fans of worms. Gummy worms, yes. Those colorful, chewy gummies kids and adults love to munch on. But the real ones? Well… that’s another story. It’s normal to feel icky when you see them wriggling on the ground. But, imagine how you might be shocked to see them in your toilet!

Seeing worms in your toilet is the last thing you would expect. But if you see some in your bathroom, you might wonder what to do. More so, how to get rid of them for good. But first, you need to know whether it came from someone in your household or a sign of plumbing issues. 

Are there worms in your toilet? 

Whether it came from someone in your household or due to undetected plumbing problems, you should get rid of the worms ASAP. Worms come in different colors and sizes. Some are easy to spot, but have you wondered why they are in your toilet in the first place? For one thing, it depends on the type of worm you see in your bathroom. 

Bloodworms in my toilet

Bloodworms are household pests commonly found near water sources such as the sink and bathtub. Bloodworms are red, thin, and long, and they enjoy hanging out in stagnant water, including rarely-used toilets. The most obvious step is to remove them from your toilet bowl and clean it thoroughly. A squeaky-clean toilet won’t be a suitable environment for bloodworms to thrive. 

Earthworms in my toilet

Earthworms are different from bloodworms. Normally you would see these outdoors on the soil. But when you see these brown worms in your toilet, it could indicate cracked sewer pipes

A cracked pipe lets foreign bodies such as worms inside the pipes and find their way into your toilet. In this case, you would have to call a trusted plumber to perform a full inspection of your lines to get to the root of your toilet issue. 

Horsehair worms in my toilet

As the name suggests, these kinds of worms resemble horsehair. You would often see horsehair worms knotted into a ball. Most likely, horseworms found their way into your home through an insect such as a cockroach or cricket that ingested eggs in a nearby puddle or any stagnant water source. 

Horsehair worms like warmth. No wonder they are commonly found inside houses during cold weather. To prevent horseworms from invading your toilet, seal your home during all seasons properly. 

Black worms in my toilet 

Black worms in your toilet mean they are drain fly larvae that live off decaying matter and sewage, which makes your toilet the perfect breeding ground. If you see them in your toilet, clean them thoroughly using a scrubbing brush and cleaner. Scour the inside of the toilet tank and the toilet rim to get rid of the slime and gunk. 

Have you seen any worms in your toilet lately? They do not belong there and should get rid of immediately! Make sure to do the abovementioned tips for a squeaky-clean toilet bowl. Contact a trusted plumbing service in Spring Hill, TN, for your pipe and drain issues. 


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