4 Common Swimming Pool Problems and How to Fix Them

Many homeowners dream of having their swimming pool. Some have in-ground pools, while others have above-ground swimming pools. But one thing is for sure: Maintaining a swimming pool is another story. It will be exposed to harsh weather and other kinds of damage.

No matter how much effort you put into pool maintenance, you will still need to address any signs of leaks and other necessary repairs. If you notice that your pool water lessens by several inches per week, it could be because of a leak. If this happens, it is better that you call a professional plumber to address your pool concerns. 

Signs of swimming pool leaks 

Leaks are annoying to deal with, especially if you are unsure what to do with them. It is sometimes easy to find, while some may start from small and then slowly build up over time. Some tell-tale signs of swimming pool leaks include: 

  • Pipe corrosions 
  • Algae growth in the pool 
  • Wet spots in your yard area 
  • Water level changes 
  • Unusually high water bills 
  • Standing water under pool equipment 

Common swimming pool problems

Swimming pools are also prone to common plumbing issues. Knowing these common swimming pool problems will help you understand what causes the leaks and how you can fix them. 

Structure leaks 

It occurs when structural damage occurs, and it can happen in any part of your pool, especially around fixtures. If you see a crack or any signs of wear in the fiberglass or concrete, do not delay and have it fixed immediately. The damage could start small but worsen if you leave it unattended. The more you wait, the larger your problem would be, and you might end up paying more for repairs!

Mechanical problems 

Some pools have an automatic fill device, which means your pool’s water level won’t dwindle. However, it also means higher water bills and frequent use of chemicals that could lead to a “green pool” due to algae growth – a major indicator of a leak issue. 

Your pool skimmer may be the culprit for those with vinyl liner pools. If the water drops to the bottom of the skimmer and then the leaking stops, you can confirm your suspicions by turning off the pump or closing the skimmer valves. 

Broken pipes 

Another common swimming pool issue is a broken pipe. It could be one of the many pipes on your swimming pool, such as the main drain, return pipes, skimmer pipe, or equalizer line. It could be complicated to fix the issue depending on the leak location. In this case, you might have to hire a professional to help improve the problem. 


Your pool’s plumbing system might also be causing the leaks. It happens when there are corrosion or ground movements that can cause damage to the underground plumbing or the pool flooring. If you suspect a leak underground and under the decking, you might need help using specialized sonar equipment. 

Swimming pool leaks can happen anytime. When this happens, make sure to hire a professional plumber in Franklin, TN, to fix your swimming pool issues.


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