3 Important Tips to Get Rid of Rust Stains from Sinks, Tubs, and Toilets

The appearance of rust on your kitchen and bathroom fixtures can be a nightmare. Just when you think rust only happens on metals, it can also appear on your sinks, shower stalls, tubs, and toilet bowls. That is why you should keep rust stains out of your bathroom and kitchen fixtures by using the right […]

5 Things (And More!) You Should NOT Flush Down Your Toilet

Sometimes, a lot of people find easy ways to do things for the sake of convenience – like throwing and flushing items in the toilet. Sure, it does the job of getting rid of the trash without a trace. But the problem will show up eventually and you should do something about it ASAP.  One […]

4 Facts You Should Know About Your Friendly-Neighborhood Plumbers

A good plumbing system is something that we always use but are often taken for granted. And then the unthinkable happens – a pipe gets clogged, the toilet does not flush, or the shower does not drain properly. When this happens, it only makes sense to call a professional plumber to fix your pipes and drain problems. […]

3 Effective Ways to Shoo Away Drain Flies For Good

Spotting pests in your house is an unpleasant and disgusting experience. Who loves seeing flies and other icky critters in your bathroom and kitchen? The first thing that comes to mind is to get rid of these pests fast. But have you also thought about the long-term – that is, how to keep these critters […]

Can You Unclog a Toilet Bowl Without a Plunger?

When it comes to problems with pipes and drains, calling a professional plumber is usually the first solution that comes to mind. But some common pipe and drain problems can be solved using tools and other homemade hacks. For example, a plunger always comes in handy in dealing with clogged toilets and sinks.  But sometimes, unexpected things […]

Why is My Toilet Bubbling? Effective Ways to Solve Toilet Gurgles

People love bubbles. These are often associated with joy and sunshine. But seeing a bubbling toilet? Now, that’s not a fun sight.  Have you ever encountered a gurgling or bubbling toilet? Sounds creepy, but it, unfortunately, does happen as if the toilet has its own life. This happens when your toilet bubbles and just won’t […]

5 Ways to Save on Bathroom Remodelling

The bathroom is one of the high-traffic areas in the house due to obvious reasons. Of course, every homeowner wants to have a luxurious-looking bathroom. After all, who doesn’t want to take a nice shower, or sit down on the “throne” feeling like royalty while doing your business?  However, fixing the bathroom can be expensive. […]

Water Softener: Why Is It an Important Water Treatment Tool?

Water Softener In case you do not know yet, there is such a thing as hard water. Not “hard” as you think it is, but because hard water contains minerals that can harm your skin, hair, and even your water pipes. Speaking of pipes, you need a professional plumber to take care of your damaged water drains […]

Greasy Situation: What to Do With Used Cooking Oil and Grease

Cooking oil and grease make our foods tastier and more savory, there’s no denying that. You can reuse the oil in your next cooking session to add flavor to your dish. However, the aftermath of frying, roasting, or grilling foods with oil and grease can be quite a mess.  Some recommend reusing cooking oil or grease […]

What’s That Smell? 5 Tips to Get Rid of Bad Bathroom Odors

No matter how fancy and elegant-looking your bathroom is, it will still be minus points if it smells unpleasant. Unfortunately, you and your family may have already been immune to the odors until a visitor notices it – an embarrassing moment, nonetheless. That is why you should not only check on your toilet and drain for […]

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